I ALSO LIKED HOW PAMELA for Skype Handled Incoming Calls When I stepped away from my PC. It’d whisk off a text message, which would pop up on my contacts’ machines, letting them know that I wasn’t around–and asking them to leave a message. However, in my tests, Pamela’s voice-mail often did not pick up for callers: If contacts called using audio-only, then the voice mail kicked in, but if fellow-Skypers approached me with a video phone, the decision rang out and then stopped.

pamela for skype
One big snag: the frequent crashes. It looked at different occasions to make me mad while Pamela mainly remained stable. (I tested the system on two Windows Machines And Withstood The Lock-Ups On both units.) Specifically, Pamela froze when I was clicking various icons and in the conclusion of missed incoming Skype Recorder Windows calls. As I write this, Scendix Computer Software, Pamela’s maker, was investigating my crash reports.

Problems in Pamela

Out of all editions, I locate Expert to make the most sense, for the reason that it hits the proper sweet-spot on characteristics and is priced appropriately at $32. Call Recorder is a few dollars cheaper, but you end up compromising a fantastic deal and that I don’t think it is worth the money.

Questions Of Pamela

This Skype-certified software program is intended to help customers get extra mileage out of Skype’s providers. THINK OF PAMELA SPECIALIST (2-0 Euros, free 30-day test) as your communications assistant: The PC software lets you set up an answering machine with your outgoing messages. It records calls – audio in addition to video -. After installing Pamela, the program runs alongside Skype (even though I changed the default so that Skype opens when I start Pamela). For Pamela’s characteristics to work, Skype needs to be running.