Other than their odd names, SuperTintin and Pamela both offer their services depending on whether you are going to buy it or get it for free. Both these recorders have unlimited audio and video recording time due to their versions that are paid. Also, both use the MP3 format for audio and WMV for videos in this Skype video recorder.

What’s SuperTinTin for Skype

supertintin for skype
For This SuperTintin Review, I utilized Windows-10 x64 bit program having a Core i7 process or. The Software Confronted No compatibility issues, and it may even run on Windows XP. The check SuperTintin Skype Recorder Windows recording produced was created with 720P resolution and fast rate. That was the frame I must say that I was impressed with the output video quality. The output file is MP4, and hence it is possible to expect it to play with no compatibility issues on any system. Video players and all mobile devices help MP4. So that is good news. SuperTintin is a lightweight program. It didn’t interfere together with the video call, and everything went smoothly.

SuperTinTin Boasts Various functions, however at the same time, remains very simple. Due to its very friendly user interface and controls, SuperTintin is right for newbies and advanced users alike. The audio and video settings save both parts of the conversation or include recording one part of the phone only, either the local or the remote party. Users can also select from Side-by-Side or Picture-in-Picture video-recording options. They could also elect to record one portion of the video-call only should they want to.Supertintin unwavering dependability and smooth recording are by far it’s the best function. As it records, the computer software will maybe not disrupt Skype or MSN window, nor can it slow down the call/video space or affect quality in any way.